ISIT, an international school at home in the world

ISIT trains multilingual experts in intercultural management and communication. Our intercultural expertise and competitive degrees are recognized by institutions in a number of European and international networks.

An unparalleled international reputation

ISIT has always had an eye to the world. Founded in 1957, ISIT was created in response to France’s growing diplomatic need for translators and interpreters as the European community grew and international exchange intensified. The quality of an ISIT education rests on profound intercultural understanding and language expertise.

ISIT has ties to more than 270 universities throughout the world, through networks, consortiums, student exchanges, research projects, international colloquiums and publications, dual degree programs, consulting, and more.

ISIT is regularly called upon by local and international organizations to promote education, research and innovation in multilingual and intercultural fields.

In 2016, ISIT joins 3 major international networks:



An international student body

ISIT’s academic programs are only half the picture ; our international mix of students is a point of pride. Every year, ISIT welcomes many international students, through academic exchanges, certificate and dual degree programs, and during our summer sessions.


Read the Erasmus+ Charter   

Read the Erasmus+ policy 2014-2020 

A talented team 

  • General management is responsible for ISIT’s international strategy, and is also the school’s legal representative in all international partnerships.

Executive director: Nathalie Gormezano

  • International relations manages and organizes international projects, represents ISIT in international networks and contributes to building international partnerships. Guarantees coordination and follow up of international exchanges .

Director of international development: Sarah Bordes

International relations: Catherine Jourdainne

Student exchanges: Elsa Schang

  • The Academic director oversees learning design of academic exchanges and internships, guarantees that rules regarding internships and exchanges are respected, implements international dual degree partnership strategy.

Assistant director, academic director: Frédéric Gulin

  • Research directors prepare candidatures for European and international projects. They coordinate international research projects and assures their successful completion, and represent ISIT at meetings and conferences. Research directors communicate research results throughout the world by participating in international research days, conference and submitting ISIT research results to publications. They establish international research partnerships and thesis codirection agreements.

Research directors: Louis-Marie Clouet and Sandrine Peraldi