Continuing Education: bringing intercultural expertise to experienced professionals for over 50 years

ISIT draws on its international reputation to offer professionals from around the world the opportunity to grow and develop their language skills through its Continuing Education program.

Our program

Are you a training and development manager in a corporate, administrative or organizational setting, a seasoned translation professional or a novice making the leap to a new career? No matter where you’re at in your language journey, ISIT’s multilingual, intercultural expertise has what you need to grow professionally. Whether you’re looking to make the most of your experience, discover a rewarding profession, develop new skills or improve team performance, ISIT has a program for you.

Professionals choose ISIT for:

  • Intercultural Management
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Translation
  • Conference Interpreting
  • Targeted Language Improvement
  • Intercultural Legal Communication


  • A personalized approach
  • Practical exercises
  • Educational excellence
  • Access to professional equipment: interpretation booths, computers and software
  • Classes led by working professionals
  • A network of prestigious international partners

ISIT offers:

  • Short-term programs in translation and conference interpreting, for everyone from first-time learners to advanced practitioners
  • Long-term certificate programs, including a specific course on new translation technology
  • Customized training to respond to specific needs

Short-term programs

Are you thinking about making a major career change?

Maybe you’d like to become a specialist in a demanding and rewarding field where you can make the most of your passion for languages?

Translation, conference interpreting, intercultural management, legal communication: ISIT offers programs to discover a field or to perfect your knowledge.

Look at the online catalog for short-term programs:

Download the February-September 2017 short-term program calendar (in French)

Enroll in a short-term course (in French)

Student voices callout

“Through this program, I learned exactly what it means to be a conference interpreter, […]. The teacher, who was also a working interpreter, led us through a number of practical exercises, which really helped me get a feel for the profession.”

Read more student experiences

Certificate programs

These unique courses help you develop a deeper understanding of today’s intercultural challenges. ISIT’s standard Intercultural Communication and Management degrees can also be earned through our Continuing Education program.

ISIT offers:

  • a unique certificate program to master new translation technology, essential tools that any professional translator should master. (see details below)
  • an intercultural legal communication program to practice in an intercultural, international context. (see details here)

“New translation technology” program details

  • A full-time program on the ISIT campus, right in the heart of Paris
  • 12 months of training, with three spent working in a company
  • Translator certificate (Level 1)
  • Financing possible using credits earned through French programs  CIF, the FIF-PL and bank loans negotiated by ISIT.

Teaching methods

  • Theory and practice
  • Individual advising sessions
  • Completion of a translation thesis guided by a qualified teacher
  • An oral and written defense presented before a jury of professionals and academics
  • Industry conferences 


  • Education: Minimum 3-year degree (Bac+3)
    Or 2-year degree (Bac+2), plus 3 years professional experience
    Or Bac or high school degree, plus 5 years professional experience
    If you hold a degree under a Bac+3 you must submit your professional experience for validation (VAPP)
  • Working languages: all students must be fluent in French and English

Admissions process

  • Send us a completed application form along with your resume and a cover letter describing your professional goals.
  • Deadline: October 26, 2017
  • Entrance exam
    • French-English translation into A and B languages
    • Multiple-choice general knowledge exam
    • French exam (Criterion Referenced French Test)
  • Selection process
    • Entrance exam: November 25, 2017
    • Jury: December 8, 2017
    • Results: December 11, 2017
  • Classes begin: February 2018

Formation continue - Certificat_Nouvelles_technologies_traduction_2016View the Certificate Program curriculum (in French)

Apply to the 2018 Certificate Program (in French)

Customized learning

Does your company face multicultural, multilingual challenges? Whether you’re a small business, an international corporation, or even an independent contractor, ISIT can help you determine your language needs and tailor a program to meet them.

Contact : Nathalie BERARDINO Head of Continuing Professional Education – (+33) 1 42 22 93 10