Intercultural Legal Communication: intercultural legal expertise for a global community

The Legal Communication programs at ISIT prepare lawyers to practice in an intercultural, international context. Recognized for the quality of their curriculum, these programs welcome students from around the world who come to refine their understanding of intercultural challenges in the legal field.

ISIT Intercultural Legal Communication Program

Since 2010, ISIT has offered an Intercultural Legal Communication program for law students (level M1 or higher) seeking to practice in an international context or outside of their home country.

This program was first built as a joint study program with HEDAC (Haute Ecole des Avocats Conseils).

The goal? To give law students the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively both in France and internationally through:

  • fluency in oral and written English,
  • the ability to select, evaluate and work with interpreters and professional translators when necessary.

This program was created in response to the European directive of October 20, 2010, which established the right to interpretation and translation in criminal proceedings. Any defendant now has the right to be informed of the reasons for his or her arrest and all related charges as quickly as possible and in a language he or she understands. This directive has been in effect for all members of the EU, including France, since October 2013.

Since 2012, 46 HEDAC law students have chosen ISIT’s innovative program.
  6 key-points:

  • 90% of the classes are taught in English
  • 1 semester between mid-January through March
  • 100 class hours
  • 25 e-learning hours
  • a 2-month minimum internship
  • the possibility to attend the whole program or only some modules,  in initial training or in continuing education.

See the 2017 Legal intercultural communication curriculum (in French)

See the 2017 calendar (in French)

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Contact: Agata De Laforcade – Director of Lawyer-Linguist Program