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2021 Admissions – Practical information

How do I enroll on ISIT's courses? When will the entrance exams take place? What is the amount for the application fees? How do I sit tests abroad?
All practical information about 2021 admissions to ISIT

1st-year admission: application only on Parcoursup.fr

2nd-/3rd-/4th-year admissions: application on isitinternational.com, refer to the following calendar

From November 2020 on, the application forms will be online on www.isitinternational.com

Admissions calendar (for 2nd-/3rd-/4th-year admissions)

Session Application deadline
applicants through admission exams
Application deadline
applicants through cooperation agreements*
Admission exams/
Pre-admission exams
(Conference Interpreting)**
Winter (online) 30th January 2021 21st February 2021 6th February 2021
Spring 1 14th March 2021 4th April 2021 20th March 2021
Spring  2 16th May 2021 6th June 2021 22nd May 2021
Summer 1 27th June 2021 11th July 2021 2nd July 2021
Summer 2 19th August 2021 29th August 2021 25th August 2021
Summer 3 (online) 29th August 2021 5th September 2021 2nd September 2021

*only for applicants from establishments that signed cooperation agreements with ISIT.
** This year, the pre-admission exams will take place only in Spring 1, Spring 2 and Summer 2 sessions. 

Entrance exam fees

Entrance exam fees (for all programs except Conference Interpreting): €180 (online payment)

Entrance exam fees for Conference Interpreting: €250 (online payment)

Please note

> Only one exam session: candidates must choose between the winter, spring or summer sessions.
> Entrance exam fees are not refundable.
> Candidates must complete their application by the above-mentioned deadlines
> 1 exam center in France: Paris
> Applicants can also sit for the exams overseas:
    – Approach either your current school or a French institution in your town (Campus France, Institut Français, Alliance Française, Embassy…).
    – Ask for an examination room and an invigilator for the day of the tests. If one of these establishments accepts the examination conditions, you must send us the contact details of the invigilator (first name, last name, email) who will act as guarantor.
Contact admissions@isit-paris.fr for more information.

Annual tuition fees

ISIT is a private non-profit institution (under 1901 Non-Profit Institution Law). Operating costs are funded primarily through student fees and tuition. Each year tuition fees are set by ISIT’s general assembly according to the number of languages in the language combination.

  • 2020-2021 tuition fees (for informational purposes only)**:


  • Student integrating in 1st year (Grande école programme): 9,175€ per year for the three undergraduate years, then 9,250€ per year for the two graduate years. 
  • Student integrating in 2nd year (Grande école programme)9,175€ per year for the two undergraduate years, then 9,250€ per year for the two graduate years.
  • Student integrating in 3rd year (Grande école programme)9,175€ for the undergraduate year, then 9,250€ per year for the two graduate years.
  • Student integrating in 4th year (Grande école programme)9,175€ for the first graduate year, then 9,250€ for the second graduate year.
  • Student integrating in 5th year (Grande école programme): 9,175€ for the graduate year.

Lawyer-Linguist program: for students studying Law at an institution that has signed a cooperation agreement with ISIT (Université Paris Sud – Faculté Jean Monnet de Sceaux or Université Paris II Panthéon Assas), tuition fees are €5,325 per year for 3 languages

ISIT tuition fees can be paid in up to 8 monthly installments. 

For any more specific questions on tuition fees, please contact Stéphane Strtak, ISIT’s Financial Director, at s.strtak@isit-paris.fr.

(**) subject to change

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