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Admissions Graduate programs

Management, communication, translation, lawyer-linguist, international relations, intercultural digital design, conference interpreting.
How to apply to ISIT's graduate studies?

Admissions requirements for ISIT’s graduate programs


  • English and a second language chosen from Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish or Russian
  • French (all levels)
  • 4th year: have completed your third year of university studies (L3) or have completed one year of a master’s program (M1).
  • Lawyer-Linguist studies: Be enrolled on a law degree program or have completed the equivalent of the first year of a Master of Laws.

How to apply?

  • Fill out the application form, draft a cover letter and resume, and prepare for the written exam.
  • For the 4th-year admissions: written exams and a multilingual interview with a jury.
  • For students from an instiution that signed a cooperation agreement with ISIT, admission is based solely on their application file (without them having to sit ISIT’s entrance exams).
  • For the Conference Interpreting program
    >  For the 4th-year admissions, candidates have to take pre-admission exams in English and French and then, they take multilingual admission exams.
    > For the 5th-year admissions, candidates take:

      • an interview in their work languages
      • a 6-minute consecutive interpretating test by work languages
      • a sight translation test

> Have completed 3rd-year at ISIT or hold a licence, bachelor’s, master’s or other equivalent degree. For more information about degree equivalency, contact Christel Reille.
> French and English (excellent understanding) mandatory, any other language mastered can be added to the combination.
> Have a minimum of 12 consecutive months of in-country experience using your B or C languages. Learn about A, B and C working languages.

Apply to ISIT


Admissions calendar

Application forms online at www.isitinternational.com: November 2021

Session Application deadline
applicants through admission exams
Application deadline
applicants through cooperation agreements*
Admission exams/
Pre-admission exams
(Conference Interpreting)**
Winter  30th January 2022 13th February 2022 5th February 2022
Spring 1 13th March 2022 3rd April 2022 19th March 2022
Spring  2 15th May 2022 12th June 2022 21st May 2022
Summer 1 26th June 2022 10th July 2022 30th July 2022
Summer 2 21st August 2022 28th August 2022 25th August 2022
Summer 3  4th September 2022 11th September 2022 8th September 2022

*only for applicants from establishments that signed cooperation agreements with ISIT.
** This year, the pre-admission exams will take place only in Spring 1, Spring 2 and Summer 2 sessions. 


Entrance exam fees (non-refundable)

  • €180 by online payment
  • €250 by online payment for Conference Interpreting


– Candidates may apply to one session per year
Candidates have the option of one exam center in France: Paris
– Candidates may take exams outside of France with the exception of Conference Interpreting applicants; only the pre-admission exam for this program may be taken outside of France.
To learn more about sitting the admissions tests abroad, read our frequently asked questions about admissions or contact admissions@isit-paris.fr

Programs information contact: Christel Reille – c.reille@isit-paris.fr

Admissions contact: Hadja BARRY – admissions@isit-paris.fr

Read the 2022 Admissions information 

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Entrance exams for admission in fourth year

Details about admission on our website for candidates.


  • Acceptance into ISIT depends on completion of a high school or baccalaureate degree for students in their final year, and completion of other degrees for parallel admissions.   

Prepare for entrance exams


See recommended reading for graduate admission

Past exams

– Prepare the translation part thanks to our past exams available on Slideshare.

  • Fourth year Intercultural Communication and Translation
  2016 2017
German > French ico-pdf ico-pdf
English > French ico-pdf ico-pdf
Arabic > French   ico-pdf
Spanish > French ico-pdf ico-pdf
Italian > French ico-pdf ico-pdf
English > Italian ico-pdf ico-pdf
French > Italian ico-pdf ico-pdf
 Italian > English   ico-pdf


  • Fourth year Intercultural Management
  2017 2018
German ico-pdf ico-pdf
English ico-pdf ico-pdf
Arabic ico-pdf ico-pdf
Chinese ico-pdf  
Spanish ico-pdf ico-pdf
French ico-pdf ico-pdf
Italian ico-pdf ico-pdf


  •  Fourth year Intercultural Digital Strategy
  2017 2018
German ico-pdf ico-pdf
English ico-pdf ico-pdf
Arabic   ico-pdf
Spanish   ico-pdf
French ico-pdf ico-pdf


  •  Fourth year International Strategy and Diplomacy
  2017 2018
German ico-pdf ico-pdf
English ico-pdf ico-pdf
Arabic   ico-pdf
Chinese ico-pdf  
Spanish ico-pdf ico-pdf
French ico-pdf ico-pdf


  • Fourth year Lawyer Linguist
  2017 2018
German to A language   ico-pdf
English to A language ico-pdf ico-pdf
Arabic to A language   ico-pdf
Spanish to A language   ico-pdf
French to A language   ico-pdf
Italian to A language ico-pdf ico-pdf

Download the 2018 Admissions Information

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