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Admissions requirements for ISIT’s undergraduate programs

Management, communication, translation, lawyer-linguist, international relations, intercultural digital design.
How to apply to ISIT's undergraduate studies?


  • English and a second language chosen from Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish or Russian
  • French (all levels)

If you master another language not listed here, you may take a final-year exam to add it to your degree.

For more information, contact Christian Vargas Islas: c.vargas@isit-paris.fr

Apply to ISIT

First-year admissions

  • From 2019, first-year applicants have to complete their application on the Parcoursup.fr website created for French students.
  • Category in Parcoursup: “ Ecoles de commerce/ Espace Management-Communication”.
  • Prerequisite: You must currently be enrolled in your final year of high school or have earned the equivalent of a high school degree (Bac, all sections).

Lawyer-linguist studies

ISIT has partnerships with the Faculté de Droit Jean Monnet – Université Paris Sud and the Université Paris 2 Panthéon – Assas.

ISIT/ Université Panthéon-Assas Paris II partnership: specific admissions conditions for the 1st year.
> Be admitted to the Université Panthéon-Assas Paris II
> Be admitted to ISIT and pay the annual tuition fees.

If you do not hold a law degree, you can still enroll on ISIT’s Lawyer-Linguist program, provided that you also enroll on the Faculté de Droit Jean Monnet – Université Paris Sud through the Parcoursup website, with Faculté de Droit Jean Monnet – Université Paris Sud as your first choice. Students admitted to ISIT are automatically accepted at the Faculté de Droit Jean Monnet – Université Paris Sud through an agreement between the two schools.

Apply to ISIT

To apply as a 2nd- or 3rd-year student

  • 2nd year: have completed your first year of university studies (L1) or currently be in your first year of Classes Préparatoires
  • 3rd year: have completed your second year of university studies (L2) or currently be in your second year of Classes Préparatoires

For students from schools and highschools that signed a cooperation agreement with ISIT: admission based only on application dossier. Read more about the admission on the application dossier here.

For more information about degree equivalency, contact Christel Reille.

Lawyer-Linguist studies

Prerequisite: Be enrolled on a law degree program or have completed the equivalent of the first year/second year/third year of a Master of Laws.

Partnership ISIT/ Université Panthéon-Assas Paris II: specific admission conditions for the 2nd year.
> Have already been a 1st-year law student at the Université Panthéon-Assas Paris II
> Be admitted in 2nd-year of law studies to the Université Panthéon-Assas Paris II
> Apply through online application before the deadline
> Be admitted to ISIT and pay the annual tuition fees.

Apply to ISIT

Acceptance into ISIT is not final until you have received your high school or baccalaureate degree (for students in their senior year), or other degrees for dual admissions.

Admissions calendar (for 2nd-/3rd-year admissions)

If visa for study in France is needed, do not apply to Summer 2 or 3 sessions: it will be too late for visa administrative steps.

Session Application deadline
applicants through admission exams
Application deadline
applicants through cooperation agreements*
Admission exams/
Pre-admission exams
(Conference Interpreting)**
Winter  30th January 2021 21st February 2021 6th February 2021
Spring 1 14th March 2021 4th April 2021 20th March 2021
Spring  2 15th May 2022 6th June 2021 21st May 2022
Summer 1 27th June 2021 11th July 2021 2nd July 2021
Summer 2 19th August 2021 29th August 2021 25th August 2021
Summer 3  29th August 2021 5th September 2021 2nd September 2021
Fall** 30th October 2022 30th October 2022 5th November 2022

*only for applicants from establishments that signed cooperation agreements with ISIT.

**Only for applicants for year 3 who want to start school in January 2023

Entrance exam fees (not refundable): €180 by online payment.


– Candidates may apply to one session per year
Candidates have one option of exam center in France: Paris
– Candidates may take exams outside of France. Learn more about sitting the admissions tests abroad, read our frequently asked questions about admissions or contact Hadja Barry – admissions@isit-paris.fr.

Programs information contact: Christian Vargas Islas – c.vargas@isit-paris.fr

Admissions contact: Hadja BARRY

Read the 2022 Admissions Information

Entrance exams

Candidates are evaluated based on their mastery of written expression in multiple languages, analytical skills and general knowledge.

Second/third year admissions

Admissions are based on the completion of topic-based exercises in each of the candidate’s working languages. Exercises will contain different types of support documents (texts, photos, images, drawings, figures, graphs etc) as well as the viewing of a short video in English (or French if the candidate’s mother tongue is English):

  • Exercise 1 – 4 hours:
    • Summary writing in English based on a given topic and support documents in English (or in French if the candidate’s mother tongue is English)
    • 3 questions to be answered in the candidate’s other working language on a given topic and support documents in these language.
    • Translation from the candidate’s two working languages into their mother tongue.
  • Lunch break – 2 hours: Activities proposed ISIT’s student associations.
  • Exercise 2 – 2 hours: Writing exercise in the candidate’s mother tongue in which the candidate expresses a personal opinion, based on one of the topics previously covered.

Example: I am a candidate for admission to ISIT and my language combination is English (mother tongue) plus French and Spanish as working languages.
  The first exercise will involve analyzing support documents in French on a specific topic and in Spanish based on an other topic. Then, respectively, I will be required to write a summary in French of the French documents and answer three questions in Spanish regarding the Spanish documents.        
  Exercise 2 will then involve translating texts from French and Spanish into my mother tongue, English.
   Finally, after the lunch break, I will be required to write a text in my mother tongue (English) expressing a personal viewpoint based on one of the topics presented in the previous exercises.

Apply to ISIT

Prepare for entrance exams


See recommended reading for undergraduate admission

Past exams

– Prepare the translation part thanks to our past exams available on Slideshare.
– Here are sample exams:

  German English Arabic Chinese Spanish French Italian
2015 ico-pdf ico-pdf ico-pdf ico-pdf ico-pdf ico-pdf ico-pdf
2016 ico-pdf ico-pdf ico-pdf ico-pdf1A
ico-pdf ico-pdf  
2017 ico-pdf ico-pdf   ico-pdf 1A
ico-pdf 2&3A
ico-pdf ico-pdf ico-pdf


Download the 2022 Admissions Information

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