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Climate challenges

Climate change, or climate disruption, is a sustained change (from a decade to a million years)  in the statistical parameters (average parameters, variability) of either the Earth’s overall climate or its many regional climates. These changes can stem from the Earth’s own mechanisms, external influences or, as has happened more recently, from human activities.


Workplace diversity conference

Workplace diversity conference

As part of the year’s transversal theme on diversity, many new features have been introduced. Visit our online conference on the theme of diversity in the world of work. Diversity: we talk a lot about it, but in concrete terms, what does it mean in working life? Without a real legal definition, it is nevertheless […]

Our Grande Ecole committed to diversity

Our Grande Ecole committed to diversity

This year ISIT has decided to take a strong stance in favour of a more inclusive society, one sporting all of the colours of diversity.

Erasmus Days by ISIT – Let’s celebrate diversity!

Erasmus Days by ISIT – Let’s celebrate diversity!

We are happy to invite you to Erasmus Days 2020 by ISIT. Check out the programme!

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ISIT's pledge

Since 2018, ISIT has decided to rally each and every one of its stakeholders around 17 sustainable development objectives set up by our long-time partner the United Nations for the period to 2030. Every year, a specific theme based on one of those 17 objectives becomes the primary focus, for our students, associations, alumni, teachers, researchers, guest speakers and staff. 

In today’s ever-changing world, it is only right that a school of our caliber, with its public service mission, should weigh in on society’s major challenges and pledge to do its part to encourage knowledge, debate and considered reflection on the important issues of our age.

This pledge is also a way to mobilize the intercultural and multilingual skills of our community, and especially of our students, whose solid linguistic knowledge, adaptability and understanding of otherness are as essential as ever.

Our actions are multidisciplinary, inclusive and firmly rooted in our surrounding area as we seek to strengthen the school’s ties with local partners.

Last but not least, ISIT’s pledge is manifested in a plethora of new projects and events, initiated by the school or by our associations,  that allow participants to express themselves and give free rein to their entrepreneurial spirit. We encourage each ISIT student to be proactive and creative, two highly appreciated and sought-after skills in the world of work. The open-mindedness and intellectual curiosity of our community are considerable assets as we seek to keep on broadening the scope of our endeavors.