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Experience Paris Expat : live and work in Paris

Would you like to make the most out of your time in Paris by having a unique experience? Would you like to immerse yourself in French culture, develop a personal or professional project and expand
your social circle? If so, then this is the program for you! Why not make your visit to Paris an exceptional one!

Experience Paris Expat

Specially design to support expat partners moving from one country to another:

  • How can you integrate yourself into a new cultural environment?
  • How can you overcome language barriers?
  • How can you find your place in the French working world?
  • How can you give meaning to your expatriation by avoiding isolation?

 This unique program combines language learning and intercultural experiences with professional skills development. Thanks to a regular, total immersion in French culture, this program goes far beyond simply learning French as a foreign language.

Expat Paris can be undertaken as an entire program or individual modules, depending on the participant’s needs. It has been designed to work around personal schedules by not running during school holidays or on Wednesdays, and to favour learning in small groups. 


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