Explore the world with ISIT

ISIT encourages students to apply their knowledge in the workplace for international companies and organizations. As an ISIT student, you’ll have many opportunities to strengthen your multilingual and intercultural skills in authentic international settings.

International exchange

All ISIT students participate in a student exchange with one of our partner universities.

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Undergraduate programs

Mobilities (or Exchanges) are strongly recommended in year 2 in the Intercultural Management, Translation & Intercultural Communication, International Relations & Multilingual Communication, and Intercultural Digital Design programs. They are mandatory in year 3 and last for one semester.

Exchangex take place either under the Erasmus+ program (for exchanges with partners located within the European Union) or under bilateral agreements (for exchanges with partners located outside the EU).

Parcours de formation à l'international
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Lawyer-Linguist Program

Students in the Lawyer-Linguist program may spend their third year (L3) in a law school abroad. At the end of the year, they will receive a degree from their home university and validate their third year at ISIT.

International professional experience

Professional experience gained through internships is the cornerstone of any ISIT education. Our staff put great deal of effort into preparing students for the professional world and encourage them to complete their internships in international settings. International internships may be required or simply recommended, depending on the academic program and year of study students are enrolled on.

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