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ISIT, a world leader in intercultural studies

Since 1957, ISIT has trained multilingual intercultural experts to join the global conversation.

Founded in 1957, ISIT is a non-profit of higher education institution granting government-accredited master’s degrees. Graduates pursue a wide range of careers in a variety of fields all over the world:

  • in the marketing, communications, human resources, sales and purchasing departments of international companies;
  • as translators, conference interpreters and lawyer-linguists for international organizations including the European Commission, UNESCO, the UN, and the European Court of Justice.

Since 2002, ISIT’s graduates have been supported by prestigious sponsors from companies or major international organizations. To view the sponsors’ list, click here (in French).

The research center at ISIT is actively involved in international research projects in the fields of translation studies, multilingual communication, intercultural management and intercultural legal communication.

ISIT is an active member of a number of international networks and cultivates close relationships with major international organizations, including the UN and the European Commission.

Core values

Every “Isitiste”—students, teachers and staff alike—share a common set of values: open-mindedness and enthusiasm, daring and perseverance, tolerance and curiosity.

ISIT strives for innovation, action and success.

ISIT Careers

ISIT regularly recruits teachers, speakers and staff to complete its team.

If you share our values and our DNA, send us your application explaining your motivations: assistante.direction@isit-paris.fr