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Meet our team


Executive director

Director: Tamym ABDESSEMED – direction@isit-paris.fr
Executive assistant and HR manager: Angélique POYa.poy@isit-paris.fr

Deputy executive management

Deputy director: Frédéric Gulin– f.gulin@isit-paris.fr


Undergraduate supervisor: Susanne Horstmann 

Studies and internships supervisor: Océane SCHAACK – o.schaack@isit-paris.fr

Undergraduate internships supervisor : Sandra PLAZA-VILLA – s.plazavilla@isit-paris.fr

Language department heads
Arabic Malek Al-Zaum al-zaum.malek@isitparis.eu
Chinese Sisi Yang s.yang@isit-paris.fr
French Brice Poulot poulot.brice@isitparis.eu
English Yann Obame obameYan@isitparis.eu
German Susanne Horstmann s.horstmann@isit-paris.fr
Italian Maurizio Miceli m.miceli@isit-paris.fr
Spanish María José Hernández m.j.hernandez@isit-paris.fr








Academic department heads

Intercultural Management: Nathalie Lorrain 

Intercultural Communication and Translation:
Ludovica MAGGI – l.maggi@isit-paris.fr

Intercultural Digital Strategy:  Pascal Pinhas – pinhas.pascal@isitparis.eu

International Strategy and Diplomacy: Diana Saiz Navarro – d.saiznavarro@isit-paris.fr

Conference Interpreting: Sarah Bordes – s.bordes@isit-paris.fr

Legal Communication: Agata De Laforcade – delaforcade.agata@isitparis.eu

Student life and wellness

 Student life coodinator: Cécile GIUSTI – vie.etudiante@isit-paris.fr

Disabled people contact: Cécile GIUSTI – referent.handicap@isit-paris.fr

Sophrologist: Cécile GIUSTI – vie.etudiante@isit-paris.fr

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Library head: Sarah Zajde – s.zajde@isitparis.eu


Career services director: Marianna Gyapay – m.gyapay@isit-paris.fr

Continuing education -Fundraising

Continuing education head: Nathalie BERARDINO – n.berardino@isit-paris.fr

International Development

Director: Sarah Bordes – s.bordes@isit-paris.fr

International partnerships: Christian Vargas Islas – c.vargas@isit-paris.fr 

International mobilities: Nicolas MARTIN – international@isit-paris.fr

Corporate relations and Marketing/Communications

Director: Nathalie Schwartz – n.schwartz@isit-paris.fr

National and international promotion, marketing and recruitment department

Head:  Anaïs CHARRASSE – a.charrasse@isit-paris.fr

Promotion and recruitment in France : Christel REILLE – c.reille@isit-paris.fr

International promotion and recruitment: Christian Vargas – c.vargas@isit-paris.fr

Digital communications:  Anaïs CHARRASSE – communication@isit-paris.fr


Admissions : Hadja BARRY – admissions@isit-paris.fr

Administration and Finance

Director: Stéphane Strtak – s.strtak@isit-paris.fr

Board of trustees

ISIT is a non-profit of higher education institution (1901 Non-Profit Organizations Law). Governance is provided by a volunteer Board of Directors whose members come from business and other fields directly related to the school’s  programs. All members are volunteers.

President: François Guillaume