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Conference: cooperate with Australians and New Zealanders

Conference: cooperate with Australians and New Zealanders


ISIT and Itinéraires Interculturels organise a conference about Australia and New Zealand on Monday 3rd, February 2020 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in the 6th arrondissement of Paris

How to initiate a negociation with Australians? What place occupies Maori culture in New Zealand? Which visa to chose to go to Australia or New Zealand?

You will find all these answers and even more in our new publication.

Ouvrage Australie Nouvelle Zelande


In complement of the book, we invite you to participate in this conference which will be the opportunity to learn more about these faraways countries that make us dream.

Tamym Abdessemed, director at ISIT, and Nathalie Lorrain, director at Intinéraires Interculturels and professor at ISIT, will have the pleasure to start the conference.

The following speakers will each take turns to share their experiences:

Marion Bedat  Supervisor of the Intercultural Management master at ISIT who worked for a while in New Zealand
Carole Ballereau ISIT Alumni who worked three years in New Zealand and one year in Australia
Aurélie Grihangne Student in the Intercultural Management master who did an six-months internship in Australie
Oriane d’Escrivan  Student in the Internationals Stategies and Diplomatcy master who did a three-months internship in Darwin


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