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Try ISIT before ISIT: sign up for our immersion week n°2

Try ISIT before ISIT: sign up for our immersion week n°2


What better way to discover the school of multilingual and intercultural expertise than to put yourself in the shoes of an Isitist? 

Thanks to it’s EESPIG‘s status, ISIT is by your side to find your way easily in higher education.

  • From February 10 to 15, 2020, ISIT is open not only for one day, but for one week to allow high school students and interested students to attend concrete courses in different fields taught in the school.
  • Do you want to experience ISIT before ISIT? You are free to pick the courses you are most interested in, from all years, to take advantage of this unique opportunity to test our Grande Ecole!

Find out more with Katia’s testimony, she has participated in the first immersion week in october 2019!

Registrations for our immersion week 

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The specific program of the courses from the 1st to the 5th year will be provided to you later.