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A qualification acquired through experience: accreditation of prior experiential learning (APEL)

The procedure for APEL (accreditation of prior experiential learning) means you may fully or partially obtain a qualification based on professional experience whether as an employee, through self-employment, or as a volunteer. ISIT provides support for candidates throughout the whole APEL process.

Any person with at least one year of experience with respect to the sought-after qualification can apply for APEL.

ACCREDITATION OF PRIOR EXPERIENCE: a scheme for obtaining all or part of a qualification

An APEL candidate must demonstrate that their prior professional and personal experience matches the knowledge and skills required to fully or partially obtain a qualification. It is therefore necessary to consider your professional experience beforehand in order to choose the right course and qualification.

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ISIT qualifications available through APEL:


    • Intercultural Management
    • Intercultural Communication and Translation
    • Conference Interpreting
    • Lawyer-linguist
    • International Strategy and Diplomacy

Intercultural Digital Strategy


The procedure involves 5 steps:

STEP 1 – initial contact

First contact, information about the procedures.

STEP 2 – admissibility

The candidate gives an overview of their professional experience, filling in the admissibility booklet (booklet 1).
During this administrative procedure, the number of active years of experience accumulated is verified in direct relation to the sought-after ISIT qualification.
The admissibility commission will make a decision on continuing the procedure through an APEL or not. A guidance interview will set out the next steps.

STEP 3 – application preparation

The APEL application preparation is approved for the candidate who has obtained a favorable opinion for their admissibility application. They receive a methodology guide, booklet 2 and a form from the French National Directory of Professional Certification for the sought-after qualification. The objective is for the candidate to demonstrate their experience both in terms of knowledge and skills such as those expected for a person who holds the sought-after qualification.

The candidate may receive support (optional) and benefit from personalized teaching guidance for applying to and writing up the APEL procedure.

STEP 4 – APEL application submission

APEL application submission, enrolment for qualification and oral defense.
Panel members analyze the candidate’s application based on their APEL dossier and an oral defense.

STEP 5 – Results

Following the oral defense, the qualifications’ committee decides on:

  • full validation of the qualification
  • partial validation of the qualification with grades for the definitively acquired knowledge and skills as well as the knowledge and skills that are (still) to be acquired, with recommendations for additional training.
  • a detailed refusal ending the procedure.

APEL pricing *

STEP 1 Information free
STEP 2 Admissibility €390.00
STEPS 3, 4 and 5 APEL without support €1,905.00
STEPS 3, 4 and 5 APEL with support €3,305.00

*These prices do not include registration fees for the sought-after qualification.

Personalized, individual support

ISIT offers candidates the opportunity to receive support throughout the APEL procedure.
The APEL with support includes an assessment of the opportunities presented by APEL in addition to personalized interviews to assist the candidate at every step of the procedure, from admissibility through to obtaining the qualification.
ISIT helps the candidate answer questions such as: How do I apply  ? What supporting documents do I need to provide? What skills do I need to demonstrate? etc. 

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