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International and career development: our priority

ISIT offers study programs recognised as some of the best in the world for language professionals. Students from around the world seek out our program to become competitive multilingual and intercultural experts. Our priority is support our students to prepare their professional career.

A multilingual education on an international playing field

All courses are taught in ISIT working languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. And Portuguese and Russian from september 2018. Students may receive a degree in languages not offered at ISIT following an end-of-studies exam.
For conference interpreting, we accomodate all languages for which a demand exists and qualified instructors can be found.

Students are treated to a rich international experience during their five years at ISIT, with the opportunity to alternate internships and study exchanges abroad.

  • 1st year: required 1-month internship abroad
  • 2nd year: required 1-month internship abroad and an optional semester abroad at a partner university
  • 3rd year: 2-month internship (preferably abroad) and a required semester at a partner university abroad
  • 4th year: 3-month internship (preferably abroad)
  • 5th year: 6-month internship (preferably abroad)

Your career is our priority

Our Career Services department works closely with students throughout their five years at ISIT, so they leave ready to take the working world by storm. Many of our teachers are also working professionals who provide invaluable insight into finding rewarding work.

Our career planning program includes preparation and practice both in the classroom and in real professional situations. 

  • Professional situations to prepare students to be independent, responsible, innovative thinkers with an entrepreneurial spirit. Our program includes:
    • a minimum 13 months of required internship experience (consult our internship program)
    • possibility to complete your fifth year in an apprenticeship
    • group assignments on behalf of real businesses
    • role-playing exercises using business simulations and case-study analyses
  • Career development events and workshops
    • Career-building workshops with business professionals
    • An annual career development forum
    • Career conferences where you’ll learn about post-graduation job opportunities and refine your career vision
  • A module “Entrepreneurship” from the fourth year, to raise

    entrepreneurship awareness and to support towards creating a company.

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