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Legal Communication: intercultural legal expertise for a global community

The Legal Communication programs at ISIT prepare lawyers to practice in an intercultural, international context. Recognized for the quality of their curriculum, these programs welcome students from around the world who come to refine their understanding of intercultural challenges in the legal field.

Lawyer-Linguist Program

Our Lawyer-Linguist program is organized in partnership with leading law schools. ISIT provides language and intercultural training as students complete a law degree program at another university. ISIT has a partnership in place with the Faculté de Droit Jean Monnet – Université Paris Sud and with Paris II Panthéon-Assas University.

3 years to build a solid academic foundation

Learning objectives

  • Acquire legal translation methodology
  • Learn the fundamentals of interculturality in legal systems
  • Improve proficiency in your working languages
  • Develop your career objectives

2 years to design and test a career

Learning objectives

  • Master professional legal translation and writing
  • Become an intercultural legal expert for global businesses and international organizations

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A program built on multilingualism

All courses are taught in ISIT’s working languages. Students are required to be fluent in French and English. Students may choose to add a third language from Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian and Spanish.

Selected third-year students will have the opportunity to participate in a one-year exchange program with a law school abroad. They will graduate with an equivalent degree granted by their home law school.


Students must also pass the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry exam in their second year to earn ISIT’s Lawyer-Linguist degree.

A professional and international experience

Students who do not participate in a third-year international exchange must complete an 8-week internship in the legal field. Internships may be completed during study abroad.

What about employment?

Our students become lawyer-linguists and lawyers working in prestigious professional settings including European institutions, international organizations, international law offices and large global companies.

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