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Multilingual and multidisciplinary undergraduate courses to master a world of differences

Intercultural management, communication, digital design, translation, international relations, legal communication: ISIT offers 3-year study programs recognized as some of the best in the world for language professionals. Students from around the world seek out our program to become competitive multilingual and intercultural experts.

Undergraduate courses – 3 years to build a solid academic and professional foundation.


ISIT pedagogy relies on complementary learning modalities in order to answer to students expectations and to the needs of the economic and social ecosystem. 

Each student can build their own program by combining a digital, intercultural and multilingual core curriculum with options that correspond to their interests. 

An international and professional core curriculum

  • 9 working languages : English and French are mandatory + choice from: Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish.
  • One multilingual unit Contemporary International Issues
  • One unit Language Development
  • Two aditional units of Entrepreneurship and Research in year 3 called Pre-master’s
  • 6-month to one year study exchange abroad mandatory
  • 5 months of internships in an international environment
  • Individual support to accompany students into the working world starting from Year 1


Intercultural options 

  • Translation & Intercultural Communication
  • Intercultural Management
  • Intercultural Digital Communication
  • International Relations & Multilingual Communication
  • Lawyer-Linguist (double diploma in partnership with a law faculty)

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