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Research at ISIT: redefining our intercultural perspective

ISIT draws on its global scientific and academic network to develop knowledge and innovation in intercultural theory and practice through its esteemed research center.

2019-2020 Events


  • Research seminar dedicated to intercultural: it aims at further deepening research into between two languages cultures by an original and cross-disciplinary approach.
  • December 8-11, 2020 : Colloque CIUTI « Artificial Intelligence + Intercultural Intelligence Actions and interactions in translation, interpreting and target contexts »
    To know more about and register: read the dedicated website page



The ISITLab is a place for experimentation. Through ISITLab, research projects spanning multilingual studies as well as intercultural theory and practice are allowed to flourish. What’s more, ISITLab’s innovative practices meet the needs of society and business. ISITLab brings together a unique group of exceptional researchers. These researchers are also professionals with the ability to apply their skills to a variety of settings. Research, pedagogy and professionalism work together at ISITLab.  


Research areas

The ISIT Research Center (CRATIL) brings together both French and international researchers working on intercultural issues, examining theoretical and practical standpoints: multilingual studies, intercultural data processing and analysis; intercultural management and communication; law, legal and intercultural analysis.

A network of intercultural research experts

An multidisciplinary scientific committee

There are 34 research professors in ISIT’s scientific committee, who represent the school’s major areas of expertise: linguistics, translation studies and terminology, conference interpreting, economics, management, social sciences and intercultural management and communication.

An international academic and scientific network

The ISIT Research Center has close ties with graduate schools and research centers in France and abroad. The Center works with a network of French and international research professors as well as PhD students.

Collaborative projects are born out of these research partnerships, which benefit international scientific research and innovation. International companies and organizations also call upon ISIT’s Research Center for their development projects and research needs.

Research recognized across the globe

Since 2008, “Le Bulletin du CRATIL” has featured work from ISIT’s research professors as well as researchers from the school’s global network who have worked on projects in ISIT’s areas of expertise.