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A global network of researchers, all experts in multilingual and intercultural studies

ISIT brings together researchers from a range of backgrounds working in the academic and professional spheres. The caliber of ISIT’s research personnel makes it the reference for innovative study and practice in intercultural management and communication.

Research Directors

Research at ISIT is fronted by the school’s executive director and deputy director .

They lead research development, define research programs and students’ applied research projects and organize research activities at the ISIT Research Center. These activities include research work, publications, conferences and colloquiums. Tamym Abdessemed is in charge of all scientific aspects and Frédéric Gulin is in charge of training aspects.

An multi-talented research team, a multidisciplinary approach

The research professors at ISIT represent the school’s different areas of expertise in intercultural and multilingual studies. Through their research, ISIT provides cutting-edge scientific knowledge to strengthen its offering of programs for students and professionals.

Meet ISIT’s research professors (in French)

An global academic and scientific network

ISIT enjoys close ties with graduate schools and research centers in France and abroad. These partnerships make it possible to conduct international research projects. They also give ISIT graduates the chance to complete their thesis at partner graduate schools.

French research network

Research Network Across The Globe





Universidade Estadual de Campinas


Université de Montréal, Department of Linguistics and Translation



Saint Joseph University in Beirut



United States

ISIT also takes part in research committees and collaborative research projects along with other members of its French and international professional networks: CGE, FESIC, AFFUMT, CIUTI, METS, EMT, EMCI, IFT.