ISITLab: where experimentation meets innovation

The school’s innovative laboratory, ISITLab, is home to ISIT’s intercultural research. It’s a place for sharing knowledge, reflecting on intercultural issues and engaging in experimentation. ISITLab combines teaching, scientific research and innovation,welcoming students, research professors, experts, companies and institutions. ISITLab’s ambition: to contribute to developing intercultural innovation.


ISITLab is Europe’s reference in intercultural research. ISITLab owes its benchmark status to its facilities and work spaces that have been accessible since fall 2015.

  • Lecture halls and conference rooms with interpreting booths and video-transmission systems
  • A 150m² innovation laboratory
  • Meeting rooms and work spaces for videoconferencing
  • Audio and visual sensors, computers for processing data in multiple languages


The innovation laboratory has many functions:

  • Simulating multicultural team-management situations
  • Audio and video recording to analyze speech and posture, but also to identify bias linked to language as well as to differences in culture, professions, countries, and generations 
  • Innovation and co-design workshops
  • Research workshops on collective intelligence
  • Research training  


Applied research and training

Research forms the core of an ISIT education. The school prides itself on being able to offer a progressive approach to studies, meaning students acquire the key skills to appropriate scientific methodology from day one.

Research training path – Intercultural Management & Communication

Students are able to complete applied research projects as part of the Master’s program. Such projects are completed under the supervision of an ISIT research professor. Applied research projects offer companies:

  • A fresh or additional take on an intercultural issue
  • Recommendations for intercultural strategies in terms of sales, marketing, communication and/or human resources
  • Development of multilingual communication tools and multimedia
A few examples of past student projects:
  • Analysis of uniqueness and diversity of messages on sustainable development and corporate social responsibility in different cultural settings
  • Fundraising strategy for an NGO
  • Digitalization strategy for press relations in the communication department of a large company
  • Reputation analysis in China and the United States and development of a communications strategy
  • Business plan proposal for small business development
  • Creation of terminology and multilingual reference database
  • Establishment of an “excellence model” for professional translation in international organizations

Unique research holdings

The ISIT library has a unique research collection specializing in intercultural and multilingual studies.

Publications: “Le Bulletin du CRATIL”

In publication since 2008, “Le Bulletin du CRATIL” brings together work by French and international researchers on the subjects of translation, interpeting, multilingual communication and intercultural management. The Bulletin examines these subjects their economic, political and social impacts. Close collaboration between researchers from different backgrounds results in a cross study, multidisciplinary approach to research on languages and countries, in addition to professions and generations.

ISIT, a European research leader

ISIT is involved in several innovative European research projects. Through these projects,the school continually updates its teaching methods  and expands its curricula.

Current projects

  • AGORA/Transnational placement scheme for translation students (DG Education and Culture)
  • CO-Minor-IN/QUEST 2/Interpreting for minors in legal proceedings
  • Jean Monnet (DG Education and Culture)/Intercultural legal communication training for lawyers, judges, magistrates and European legal professionals
  • ORCIT (DG SCIC and DG Inter, European Parliament and Comission)
  • Conference interpreters’ careers: assessing the legitimation process of career changes in collaboration with Université de Créteil, France & IGS-RH

Completed projects