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Innovation, new technologies, and multilingualism: the key ISIT research areas

Research at ISIT addresses all aspects of intercultural issues: professions, generations, countries, cultures and languages.

The ISIT Research Center supports:

  • interdisciplinary research into language and culture,
  • research into intercultural mediation in translation, interpreting and management,
  • research into the economic, political and social implications of multilingual communication and intercultural management.

Four research areas

The ISIT Research Center examines issues in the following fields:

  • Analysis and processing of multilingual, multicultural data, interfaces and environments.
  • Intercultural, multilingual communication and multimedia.
  • Intercultural management and communication: written and verbal aspects.
  • Intercultural legal communication and analysis.

Analysis and processing of multilingual, multicultural data, interfaces and environments

The web is a mine of multilingual interactions and data. Culture influences how interfaces are created and used. Understanding web interactions demands a deep understanding of these linguistic and cultural influences. Social media, applications and databases are examined in terms of speech, terminology and semantics to offer solutions to stakeholders working in political, institutional, economic and research sectors.

Intercultural, multilingual communication and multimedia

The ISIT Research Center promotes innovation and contributes to the development of intercultural theory and practice as well as multilingual communication and multimedia. The school’s Research Center also examines the relationship between knowledge and new technologies, machine translation, post-editing, web semantics, computer-aided-translation (CAT) and terminology.

Intercultural management and communication

This area of study looks at intercultural issues in economic and political management systems faced by companies and international organizations: social responsibility, and organization and management across multicultural, multilingual teams. Intercultural management and communication research calls for work that examines all intercultural viewpoints: from professions and generations through to countries and cultures.

Intercultural legal analysis

This area of study focuses on the impact of different legal cultures in France. On the one hand, the research area looks into the impact of French legal culture, and European legal culture more generally, across the globe. On the other hand, the research area examines the impact of the European legal system on the French legal system. Finally, there is also a focus on the interactions between the main contemporary legal systems.