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A reference in intercultural libraries

The ISIT media center provides students with a rich selection of physical and digital resources related to the courses taught at ISIT: intercultural communication and management, multilingualism and new technology.

Since April 2015, ISIT Library has become a member of the Sudoc « Système Universitaire de Documentation » catalog, a French collective catalog created by Higher Educational and Research libraries and resource centers.

Subjects available in the library’s holdings

  • Intercultural management and communication, intercultural issues
  • Translation, translation sciences, terminology, linguistics, interpretation
  • Geopolitics, international relations, history and civilizations
  • Language support (Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
  • General studies (computer science, law, economics, science and technology, etc).

Multimedia and multilingual collection

  • 4,000 volumes (monographes, dictionaries, encyclopedias)
  • 250 foreign language novels
  • 50 periodicals, 42 subscriptions
  • 600 works by previous students (theses, reports and projects)
  • 500 audiovisual documents (audio CDs, CD-Roms, DVDs)

Services and collections

  • Library website: news, reference material, online resources, research help, and more
  • Catalog: find, locate and reserve a reference document
  • Europresse: database providing access to over 8,000 digital newspapers and 300 million documents worldwide, in all fields and in 12 languages

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