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Student organizations: fueling everyday intercultural experiences


ISIT’s BDE (Bureau des Etudiants = Students’ Union) ensures a friendly atmosphere at the school and plays a central role in helping new students get settled in. By providing a strong connection between students and the administration, the BDE organizes many parties (among which the famous orientation weekend) and activities throughout the year thanks to its different branches: events, communication, music, sports, school newspaper, cinema and international. One of its primary goals is to promote communication between students with different languages and cultures, while making the student life more lively.


Founded in 2011, SOLIDAR’ISIT is the school’s humanitarian association. Its goal is to raise students’ awareness about charitable causes in a playful and friendly way. To do so, the association established a partnership with various associations : Action Froid, Un Enfant par la Main, Fair[e] un monde équitable, SINGA…

Every year, it organises pub quiz, bake sales and zero waste DIY workshops that benefit solidarity initiatives and give meaning to the students’ commitment.

Junior ISIT

First of all, Junior ISIT is the Junior Enterprise of ISIT: it is a non-profit organisation, which aims to help students put into practice what they learn at school through  business projects. The organisation is managed by students only who select other students – called “consultants” – to conduct projects for their clients. Member of the French Confederation of Junior Enterprises, Junior ISIT is the only French Junior Enterprise specialised in cross-cultural and linguistic expertise, providing translation and proofreading, content creation, and marketing studies in the working languages of ISIT Paris (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish).



The Junior Enterprise experience is a great way to gain professional experience but it also allows you to live an outstanding humane adventure and meet many different people, in France and abroad.

  • In 2015, Junior ISIT won the award of the Most Promising Junior Enterprise attributed by Junior Enterprises Europe (JEE), the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises.
  • Since 2016, Junior ISIT has been ranked among the top 30 French Junior Enterprises: a way to recognise the value of its commitment and the ever increasing quality of the work accomplished since the creation.
  • In 2019, Junior ISIT won its very first national award: the Alumni award, which rewards the French Junior Enterprise with the best strategy to manage its Alumni network. This victory is a way to celebrate the relentless work of an audacious, humane, sustainable and cross-cultural team!


Contact: contact@juniorisit.com / +33 (0)1 42 22 14 55


AlumnISIT connects intercultural graduates from different class years through a network of more than 5,000 members. Its missions are to:

  • foster communication between former students
  • share professional advice
  • assist job-seeking graduates

Alumni contact: lancelot.fabienne@isitparis.eu and AlumnISIT@isitparis.eu

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