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Training talent for global business

Training talent for global business

ISIT’s teaching philosophy integrates the needs of companies and international organizations in order to train multilingual experts able to meet the demands of complex intercultural professional environments.

During all five years of students’ curricula, ISIT places emphasis on professional aspects, giving students the opportunity to discover the demands of business throughout their studies. The majority of teaching staff are working professionals, and a large part of class time is dedicated to putting students through simulations that mimic real-life situations. Mandatory internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and find their way easily in the international job market.

Partners in excellence

There are many opportunities for companies to partner with ISIT: internships, apprenticeships, industry conferences, consulting missions, mentoring and the Junior Enterprise are just a few.

A career in excellence

ISIT’s five-year program gives each student the opportunity to develop a diverse array of intercultural and multilingual skills sought after in today’s international jobs market. ISIT graduates have a multitude of professional options to choose from.

According to a job placement survey carried out in June 2018 by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, 92.5% of 2017 ISIT graduates found their first job within three months of graduation; 61% of them had secured a job before even graduating.

ISIT graduates hold many different roles in a variety of sectors, including marketing, human resources, sales, purchasing, consulting, translation, communication, conference interpreting and international law.

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Partner companies, graduates, internship and sandwich course recruiters: your support is invaluable to the school.

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Head of Corporate Partnerships: Nathalie Schwartz
Head of Career Services: Marianna Gyapay
Head of Fundraising: Nathalie Berardino

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