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Expertise for an international jobs market

ISIT trains multilingual managers who are comfortable putting their skills into practice in a wide variety of professional environments. Students master languages and acquire skills in intercultural communication and management, and leave ISIT ready to meet the demands of an international jobs market.


Every ISIT student spends time in a professional setting during each academic year, for a grand total of 13 months in internships over the course of their five-year education. The majority of these internships take place abroad or in a multilingual and international environment.

Learning objective: a rewarding career path

  • Support for each student’s professional goals
  • Key information to help students find rewarding work
  • A professional process all along the curriculum

Advantages for students

  • Develop and refine professional goals through real-life experiences
  • Deepen intercultural and multilingual skills and knowledge
  • Gain the knowledge and etiquette necessary to achieve professional success
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Parcours de stages

To inform us about an internship offer, contact: Océane SCHAACK


Students in the fifth-year “Intercultural Communication and Translation” and “Intercultural Management” courses have the opportunity to complete their training with an apprenticeship during their final academic year. By doing an apprenticeship, students gain professional qualifications before they even receive their diploma, which gives them a considerable advantage when entering the jobs market.

Benefits for students

  • Personalized support with an apprenticeship director in the company and an advisor at school
  • Tuition financed by the company through the apprenticeship tax (“taxe d’apprentissage”)
  • Employee status and accompanying compensation
  • An enriching professional experience to highlight when starting out their careers

Employer involvement

  • Get a fresh perspective on old problems and take advantage of unique multilingual, intercultural skills
  • Give students the opportunity to receive a salary and be relieved of annual tuition
  • Support ISIT through the apprenticeship tax or through donations equal in value to the apprentice’s tuition
  • Enable ISIT to continue offering training that meets real company needs

To inform us of an apprenticeship opportunity, please contact: Nathalie SCHWARTZ

Group work

As part of the Applied Research Projects program, fifth-year students in the “Intercultural Management” and “Intercultural Communication and Translation” specializations take part in group work projects for companies and international organizations. These projects include a graded thesis and defense.

Benefits for companies

  • Get a fresh or additional perspective on a tangible issue
  • Clear the way for an important project that has not been developed for lack of time and human resources
  • Take advantage of short-term recommendations
  • Use multilingual tools

These projects are supervised internally by research professors specialized in intercultural management and communication.

Examples of past student projects

  • How can group A establish its product B and services in the Spanish market?
  • What should the communication strategy of Mexican product A be in France?
  • How can we create a unique training program for international managers in charge of multicultural teams, given their different professional experiences and cultures?  
  • Develop a terminology and resource database for an international company.
  • Establish a newsletter program to connect different departments throughout the world.
  • Help implement translation and technical writing tools.
  • Carry out market studies, followed by strategic recommendations for a company with plans to expand across the globe.

Junior ISIT

ISIT is home to the only Junior Enterprise entirely dedicated to intercultural issues faced by international companies.

The consultants at Junior ISIT have many strengths: unparalleled language proficiency, international project management skills, a sense of initiative and an entrepreneuriel mindset.

A member of the Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises (CNJE), Junior ISIT offers translation services in the languages taught at ISIT (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish), intercultural communication and marketing services, market studies and liaison interpreting missions.

“Junior ISIT is first and foremost a team of students with discipline and versatility. Thanks to the excellent training at ISIT and the meticulous selection of our consultants and project managers through rigorous recruitment methods, we can guarantee you professional, tailored services.” – President of Junior ISIT

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