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Giving to ISIT

Support intercultural and multilingual innovation
Large companies, start-ups, SMEs, individuals: the international talents of tomorrow are counting on your financial commitmentsupport!

Be it in our international outlook, our partnerships, or our courses, ISIT is always evolving. To continue to be an innovative and forward-looking school, we count on the support of our partners.

Many companies and individuals regularly support us through donations. We thank them warmly for their support.

Supporting social diversity at ISIT

In line with our tradition of diversity, ISIT has a solidarity fund to provide scholarships to students in need, regardless of their social or geographical origin.

In the face of the extraordinary circumstances brought about by the current health crisis, there will evidently be a sharp increase in needs. Students and their families are likely to be affected by deep economic upheaval in the next few months.

To support the efforts of the school’s management team, the student association Solidar’ISIT has decided to launch an unprecedented solidarity campaign: CAP’ISIT 2020.

No student or applicant should have to give up ISIT for purely financial reasons. But to make sure that is the case, we need your help!

As an alumnus, recruiter or individual, you can now more than ever play a decisive role in students’ lives by making a donation to ISIT. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary efforts: together, let’s help build a more supportive and united world!

Read our CAP’ISIT brochure (in French)

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Not a donor in the French tax system?

No matter the amount, every gift counts. However you decide to express your generosity, you are making a difference to the lives of students and to the ISIT community. 

International donations contact: Nathalie Berardino