Giving to ISIT

Your generosity is our strength

Financial support from companies makes it possible for ISIT to give all students access to the best possible facilities and learning environment. Recent projects include:

  • Acquiring academic spaces that respect environmental regulations and enable access to everyone.
  • Founding the first intercultural innovation laboratory, ISITLab.
  • Developing an equal opportunity policy: since 2012, three students have enrolled at ISIT thanks to a €70,000 support donation from two companies. In 2014/2015, 109 students with financial difficulties received a total of €116,000 in scholarships through the Fonds de Solidarité ISIT. In total, 41% of ISIT’s students benefit from scholarships.
  • Offering a resume library of multilingual interns and apprentices.

In accordance with the French 1901 Non-Profit Law, ISIT may accept tax-deductible donations.

  • Income tax (“impôt sur le revenu”): 66% tax credit on donations of up to 20% of taxable income. Example: if you donate €1,000 to ISIT, you are eligible for a €660 tax credit.
  • Business tax (“impôt sur les sociétés”): 60% tax credit for sponsorship of up to 5% of revenu before tax. Example: if you donate €1,000 to ISIT, you are eligible for a €600 business tax credit.
  • Wealth tax (“impôt sur la fortune”): 75% tax credit on up to €50,000. Example: if you donate €10,000 to ISIT, you are eligible for a €7,500 wealth tax credit.

Download our “Support ISIT” brochure 2015 (in French)

Apprenticeship tax

The apprenticeship tax (“taxe d’apprentissage”) is the only tax companies may give direct to the school of their choice via a collection agent.

Many companies already support ISIT through all or a part of their apprenticeship tax. We thank them for their support.

Donate your 2017 apprenticeship tax to ISIT

ISIT may receive the tax in the Quota and Hors-Quota:

  • Out-of-Quota: Benefactor ISIT, 39bis rue d’Assas, 75006 Paris, France in reference to category B
  • Quota: Benefactor CERFAL-CFA régional multiprofessionnel for UFA ISIT, 39bis rue d’Assas, 75006 Paris, France

Collection agent recommended by ISIT: ASP

The agent manages all calculations and sends you the appropriate tax documents.

ASP – +33 (0)1 79 71 19 20

Contact for apprenticeship tax donations: Nathalie Berardino +33 (0)1 42 22 93 10

Not a donor in the French tax system?

No matter the amount, every gift counts. However you decide to express your generosity, you are making a difference to the lives of students and to the ISIT community. 

International donations contact: Nathalie Berardino